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Instruments / electrics

Instruments / electrics

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  • Exceptionally robust
  • LED technology specially developed for use with the Enduro
  • Very high light output
  • Light intensity 1500lm
  • Light color approx. 5 500 K
  • Can be installed in the standard headlight mask

When installing on TX and FE/TE models the LED headlight can be turned on and off with the highbeam switch.
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  • ABS mode 1: The ABS function is active on the front wheel only (single channel ABS).
  • ABS mode 2: The ABS function is switched off and remains deactivated even after switching the ignition system back on
  • ABS mode 1 is automatically activated when the dongle is plugged in.

Leaving the ABS functions activated is recommend on public roads!
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USB power outlet

  • Easily accessible
  • Mounting material included in scope of supply
  • With protective cover
  • Output voltage 5 V/1 000mA

Convenient way to keep your electronic devices charged.

  • Connects under the rider s seat
  • With protection cover
  • Output voltage 5V
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Ignition curve switch

Ignition curve adjustment made easy! On all models with a digital box with pre-programmed ignition curves this switch allows you to change the ignition curve conveniently from the handlebar. (Check your operating manual to find out whether your bike has pre-programmed ignition curves.)
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Pull switch bracket

This bracket can be screwed onto the voltage regulator ensuring that the pull switch has an accessible defined location. Recommended in combination with the Y junction 77711979044.
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Auxiliary wiring harness

  • Enables power consumers such as grip heater or radiator fans to be installed on SX or XC as well

The power consumer is now connected directly to the battery. Consequently the battery is also drained when the engine is not running unless the consumer is switched off.
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Auxiliary wiring harness

The Y-distributor allows you to connect two power consumers to auxiliary wiring harness 77711979000. The connected power consumer can be switched off with the integrated switch. This prevents the battery from being drained unnecessarily.
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